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Login To Access ADP ALINE Card Mobile Solutions

ADP is engaged in the business of your success and is a registered trademark of ADP, LLC. If you are am employee, get your unique ID and account password to access:

  • iPay Statements
  • Employee Self Service
  • Workforce information
  • Total Source
  • Secure resource to get your information

ALINE Card:Is not a credit card but a prepaid Visa debit card on which your employer automatically loads your salary at every pay period. You can use your card at any store that greets Visa debit card; the purchase amount is subtracted from the available balance when you use the card for purchases. You can also use your card to make purchases by phone, online and even by mail demand.

Free services: Through your card you can enjoy following free facilities:

  • Monthly Maintenance,
  • Balance Inquiries,
  • Transaction History
  • Bill pay Services,
  • Online Monthly Statements
  • Over-the-counter Withdrawal,
  • Make Purchases
  • Transfers Money To Other Accounts
  • Text Message Balance Alerts

Fee Services:

  • You have to pay $10.00 fee for replacement of your card.
  • An overdraft fee is $10.00.
  • You will pay $1.50 to get the copies of an earlier statement by mail.

Mobile Access To ALINE Members:

Now you can manage your service through your mobile phone as ADP Offers mobile access to ALINE cardholders. Get the mobile solution app on your iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices.

Get The App:

  • Open “App Store” from your device and search for the app you want to download.
  • Begin the installation.
  • You need to login With Apple account ID.
  • Input a valid username/email address and password and start the installation.

Registration: Set up your account to successful download application.

  • After registration login and complete installation.
  • Once done, hit on “Open” button.
  • Start the app on your device

Get iTunes On PC:

  • Get iTunes now and visit to install the app . It’s free.
  • Through the app you can:
  • View your pay statement
  • Access vital HR information
  • Track time and attendance
  • Request or approve time off
  • Log in with your Touch ID.

Mobile Account Login:

  • Go to the web address that is to access your account.
  • Registered members can sign in using their valid login credentials.
  • Have an ID? If yes, input your account information in the online form.
  • Type your User ID.
  • Click “Log In” button.

Mobile Security:

You can use the same ID and company pass code to log into Mobile Solutions that you are using to access your information on official the website.

If you don’t have an ID before, visit on your desktop browser.

Quick Links To Security Features:

Forgot User ID: 

  • Complete the form with your information to receive an ID.
  • Enter your first name and last name.
  • Choose type preferred communication way: email and phone number.
  • Tap the “Next” button to continue.
  • Choose delivery method.
  • Verify your information.
  • You will get the confirmation email or text message.

Forgot Password:

You need to identify yourself to begin the application.

  • Enter your user ID.
  • Click on the “Next” button.
  • Select your reset method.
  • Verify your details.
  • Reset your password.

Change Password:

Visit the security management service at

  • Enter user ID and password.
  • Tap the “Sign In” button.
  • Follow the directions to change your password.

Need An ID?

Create a new User ID now.


  • You have to provide registration code that you have received from your organization’s administrator.
  • ADP may send you the code via email.

Start Registration:

  • Visit the registration page at .
  • Enter registration code to proceed.
  • Hit on the button that says “Go” to begin the registration application.
  • Create a user ID for your account following the instructions below as:
  • Set up a secure password.
  • Confirm your password. Keep your access account information confidential; never share your details with anybody else.
  • Verify your information.
  • Choose security options and end this application.

Contact your company’s manager to get a valid code if you do not have one yet. If you are not in the United States or unable to access, and then visit the self-service gateway to set up an account.

Help desk:

  • If your card is lost, stolen, or damaged immediately, report the loss to the appropriate department. You can contact Cardholder Services at 1-877-ADP-4321

You can also email by following the ID given below as:


ADP is devoted to keeping your information secure and confidently. Protecting your privacy is important to the company. They will never share or sell your personal data to third parties. Only you can access your information any unauthorized access is prohibited.


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