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Activate ADP Total Pay Card Text Message Alerts Service


Total Pay and Total Pay Card are listed brand of ADP, Inc. ADP Federal Credit Union issues the cards. Use your ADP Total Pay Card for daily purchases like groceries or gas. It’s safer than cash.

  • Register your card to access convenient features such as make purchases, pay bills, access cash, manage your finances and write checks through a secure channel.
  • You can use your Card at any store that accepts Visa debit cards.
  • Just present your card to a cashier and sign or use your PIN for your purchase.
  • Use your PIN for purchase at stores to receive cash back.
  • Your card is valid to make purchases by mail order, on the telephone, and online.

ADP Total Pay Card Text Alerts:

Set alerts on your mobile phone. It’s quick and takes a minute to set up alerts. By using the service you can know exactly when you get paid, daily balance, and transaction alerts, low-balance alarms, and current account status.

  • You will receive balance information directly on your mobile phone for free from ADP, but your mobile carrier may apply some fees for texts based on your plan.
  • Save money and time on fees at ATM
  • Real-time text warnings
  • Know how much funds you have before a transaction
  • Get protection from unauthorized transactions

Turn Text Alerts On:

  • First, you need to access the web address that stated as to begin the application.

Log In To Your Account:

  • You will see a blank field on the top right-hand corner of the page. Hover there and input your username/ card number.
  • Tap the button that says “Sign In.”
  • Forgot username? You can use your card number instead of account ID or just call the number on the back of your card to get assistance.
  • Not a registered member yet! Click the “Activate My Card” link to register and activate your card.
  • You can call customer service center at 1.877.ADP.4321 (1.877.237.4321) to sign up and activation.
  • You have to activate the card and set up a PIN before using services to access your balance and more features.

Set Message Alerts:

  • Once login, tap the “Text Messages” option to proceed.
  • You will access the message alerts page. Once there, you have to provide your phone number in the specified field.
  • You have to read the terms and conditions.
  • Give your consent for all terms by checking the boxes and select preferences of alerts you like to receive. You can choose options like daily available balance, declined transactions, approved pending purchases, change of card status, valued load, funds transfer requested, low-balance, and cardholder profile data upload. You can turn on up to seven message alerts.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.

Benefits Of Text Alert Service:

  • Available Balance: information comes one time in a day and indicates the total balance at that point.
  • Value load and transaction messages show when funds have been deposited or used from your card
  • Low balance alert: you can save a dollar amount in the box. You will get a text when you balance goes below that number.

Card Registration Advantages:

Secure Money: If your Card is lost or stolen, your funds are protected.

Access Cash: Save time by using your card to pay bills for groceries and gas. It’s easy! Just choose the debit option at check out. You will get the cash back at the checkout instead going to ATM.

Upgrade Your Card: You will access more services and advanced features.

  • Use portable card account and get access to more services and useful applications.
  • Request an additional card for the other user.
  • Through your account, you can load balance at thousands of retail locations.
  • Add funds from other employers and.

Manage Your Money: It’s convenient and secure to use a card for daily purchases.

Pay Bills: It’s secure to make payments.

Budgeting Tool: You can manage your finances using advanced techniques.

Account Security: Keep your money safe

Your satisfaction is important. Your information and details are secure at this website. They will never ask for your Account or PIN number by phone or email. Read privacy policy to get information how the company is collecting, transmitting and protecting your data.

Having Questions: At the site, you and access answers to Frequently Asked Questions about your Total Pay Card.

Contact Information:

Telephone: you can call to talk to a team member or representative by calling at 1.877.237.4321. Check the number on your card to get information about your account.



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